After the rather fiddly French manicure comes the '€˜effortless'€™ nude nail. It'€™s easy to do and makes you look like you are in control, says Eva Wiseman

Planning an Easter trip? Make sure you arrive in style, even if you fly economy!

Late last year, I was interviewed for a magazine article about the demise of dieting. It was a great discussion; I love spreading the word that life can get exponentially better when you make peace with food and your body. Of course, I added, self-acceptance takes practice, especially when you

Ben Adams from A1 remembers what it was like to be on every British girl's bedroom wall, and how lonely life can be when you're a famous teenager.

Failing to recognize and express anger increases stress and health problems.

I also started to suffer with pre-natal depression while pregnant with our daughter. When I gave birth, I was up and down and I

Of course, if you'€™ve done something really impressive in your field that was a personal project, there'€™s nothing wrong with showing it off.

Rich, sweet and indulgent, this chocolate cake will leave everyone smiling.